Protected: The Impossibilities are His

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Church Prayer Mobilization


Prayer mobilization for churches.

Daily Devotions

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Daily Devotions for churches and individuals.

God’s Toolkit


Discover the tools God gives His people for living.

Renewal for Pastors


Through Renewal for Pastors, pastors can experience God’s transforming work and find the revitalization they need.

Conference Planning and Offerings

Áèçíåñ ñåìèíàð. Business seminar.

Empowerment Institute can provide courses and instruction at your next conference. We can even help you plan a relevant, quality gathering.

Life Coaching Network

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Empowerment Institute can refer you to a reputable life coach in your region of the nation.

Take These Steps to Create a Safe House

My wife and I have four children and the youngest is leaving home to go away to college this year. Flowing from my lips as I sat in the once bustling living room the other day came this phrase: “This is a SAFE house.” We have always tried to make our home a SAFE place […]

Is Jesus Really Concerned About Us?

Recently, I met a woman at a store. She was very pleasant in our conversation, and I took her to be genuinely warm and kind and a conscientious mother. Then, the conversation turned to what I do for a living. This is always a critical moment in a new conversation because when I tell people […]

Just a Book on the Shelf?

In the religion section of a big-box store book department, I found books about Christianity next to books on Eastern religions and Islam. The Bible was next to the Quran and down just a bit from the sayings of Confucius. The message I walked away with was this: “Here are all the options for religion; […]