Spiritual Gifts Progression Chart

Q:  What are the gifts of the Holy Spirit?

Q:  What is the difference between the motivational gifts and the manifestational gifts?

Q:  Aren’t we all filled with the Holy Spirit when we’re saved?

Q:  Where does sanctification fit in with the Holy Spirit’s filling?

A:  YES!  Yes is really the only way to answer those questions because the Bible does provide answers about the gifts of the Holy Spirit….and we are filled with the Holy Spirit when we’re saved….and God’s desire is for His people to experience the sanctification of the Holy Spirit.

The Spiritual Gifts Progression Chart is a helpful visual aid which shows the progress from a person being saved – and therefore filled – with the Holy Spirit, and being an effective,  Kingdom-advancing royal priesthood, who is functioning within their motivational gifts of the Holy Spirit, empowered by His manifestational gifts.

So….Yes!  This clear and concise chart is for anyone who desires a clearer, Biblically sound understanding of the Holy Spirit at the point of their salvation, and His filling and gifting.

This chart would pair nicely with the FREE downloadable book, The Ministry of the Holy Spirit.

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