Take These Steps to Create a Safe House

My wife and I have four children and the youngest is leaving home to go away to college this year. Flowing from my lips as I sat in the once bustling living room the other day came this phrase: “This is a SAFE house.” We have always tried to make our home a SAFE place […]

Is Jesus Really Concerned About Us?

Recently, I met a woman at a store. She was very pleasant in our conversation, and I took her to be genuinely warm and kind and a conscientious mother. Then, the conversation turned to what I do for a living. This is always a critical moment in a new conversation because when I tell people […]

Just a Book on the Shelf?

In the religion section of a big-box store book department, I found books about Christianity next to books on Eastern religions and Islam. The Bible was next to the Quran and down just a bit from the sayings of Confucius. The message I walked away with was this: “Here are all the options for religion; […]