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Empowerment Institute Launches GoFundMe Campaign for Seven Mountain Radio Launch

  Empowerment Institute and OneRockStrategix are now positioned to bring the challenge of the Kingdom of God to the marketplace and the public square of America.  We have the opportunity to launch a weekly radio broadcast, beginning in the Twin Cities area and quickly expanding to several major national markets, as well as having our […]


For a limited time…

all downloadable materials are being made available at no cost. Empowerment Institute has made this offer possible because we desire to see every church, every member of the body of Christ, learn more about Holy Spirit empowerment, experience God’s healing touch, and find the order of the Lord’s will for their life. So go ahead. Take advantage of Scriptural teachings at no cost!

Evil Mode of Operation

New Book Release – Download Now!

Flattery, special favors, manipulation, intimidation, threats, and more.  These are all characteristics of an evil mode of operation used to create compliance and bend others actions to the will and agenda of a controller.  In this highly practical study, Rev. Dave Huizenga uses both scripture and experience to shed light on the sources and operations […]


Six Steps to an Uncluttered Soul

A life in Christ is a gift of heavenly freedom. Living in this world, however, means we must deal with the reality of sin and the tyranny of the devil. These six steps walk us through the wonderful gift of freedom made possible through the cross of Jesus Christ and the presence of the Holy Spirit.


Inner – Outer Being

Based on teaching from the Apostle Paul, from a Reformed perspective, this pamphlet is designed to help the normal, everyday God-seeker take effective steps toward walking in freedom from the power of sin.


Conquering Sleeplessness

74% of all Americans do not get enough sleep each night. Does the Bible help with Sleeplessness? This short study of King David reveals what keeps us up at night and what to do about it.


What Happens When Christians Date Non-Christians

When you fall in love with someone, you are influenced by that person more than anyone else in the whole world. Learn the implications of this powerful influence when that person is a non-Christian.

Prayer Movement Strategies

Prayer Movement Strategies

Prayer Movement Strategies offers measurable, proven steps to take to bring your congregation from the initial prayer action to the maturation of a praying army.


Increasing Your Prayer Ministry Effectiveness

To help those whom God is calling to minister to others in prayer.

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Spiritual Gifts Progression Chart

This clear and concise chart is for anyone who desires a clearer, Biblically sound understanding of the Holy Spirit at the point of their salvation, and His filling and gifting.


The Ministry of the Holy Spirit

Written from a Reformed perspective with a solid Biblical foundation to help churches engage with the Holy Spirit.

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The Healing Ministry Of Jesus

Divine Healing flows out of God’s redeeming work. Because of the work of Jesus Christ, we can come with full expectation of God’s Intent for us to be restored.

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Parenting in a Crazy World

Parents have the challenging task of raising children in a world that contradicts and devalues Christian principles. This pamphlet is a plan of action to bring hope and help to you as you look for God’s plan in parenting in this “crazy” world!

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